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Regional Consulting Rosarians

Do you need help growing and selecting roses?

Several Potomac Rose Society (PRS) members are also Consulting Rosarians (CRs) who are accredited by the American Rose Society (ARS). These CRs are passionate about growing roses & sharing their knowledge. CRs do not expect any compensation for the assistance they provide.

Ray Shipley, Chair, PRS' Technical Support and CR Committee, is the initial contact person for any individual who would like to request advice on growing roses. Ray is a 25-year veteran Master Rosarian who can be contacted at . He will personally answer any inquiry or pass it along to another CR who grows roses in the same geographic area as the person inquiring.

For persons asking for help or advice, please submit the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. City and State
  4. USDA climate zone
  5. Question
  6. Close-up pictures to help diagnose problems/issues

Top photo courtesy of Inez Jackson